The construction dates from the 18th century; Five generations of family owners lived in this house. All the antiques and furniture of the hotel are the legacy of families with deep roots in the history of the city of Sucre: Gantier, Calvo, Zelada, Urioste, Uriburu, Valda, Ichazo, Suarez and La Torre.

We recovered furniture and utensils belonging to several famous ancestors, including those of Dr. Daniel Calvo, poet, politician, writer and educator; He was one of the most outstanding personalities of the 1881 National Congress and author of the country’s first education code; those of the diplomat Dámaso Uriburu and his nephew become Argentine President, José Evaristo Uriburu, grandson of General Juan Antonio Álvarez de Arenales, one of the most heroic soldiers of the long war of independence, fighting since May 25 1809 at his triumphal entry into the city on April 26, 1825, with the troops sent by Argentina to accompany Mariscal Sucre.

The other objects are the legacy of Mrs. Eulalia Reynolds Portillo, married to Ezequiel Urioste Gómez, a miner who did not have much luck in the business. Eulalia had to face her big family inventing candy and chocolate recipes. A few years passed and one of his sons created the first chocolate factory inspired by his mother’s recipes.


This unique hotel is the fruit of the creativity of 2 generations of the family:
Maria Luisa Zelada Urioste: Charismatic person who directed the decoration of the hotel. She created and adapted each of the institution’s unique brass lamps.
Luis Gantier Calvo: A man who loves the flowers and plants that gave life to the hotel of Su Merced.
Bernardo Gantier: Priest and artist who participated in the restoration of many parts of the hotel, such as the coffered ceiling of the reception.
Juan Luis Gantier: He studied business administration. He conceived the idea of the project and the organization of the company.
Maria del Carmen Darwich: She speaks 4 languages. She is the manager of the hotel and often speaks with guests.
Rafael Gantier Darwich: He has a master’s degree in business administration in France and is the commercial director of the hotel.


Museum "Dehesa"

He loved the culture and traditions of Sucre. It was a day when she found old family clothes and she decided to give them life.
With his creativity, I create characters and traditional environments of Sugar that allow foreigners to understand the daily life of the last years of the 19th century.
He has contributed with objects, antiques and period costumes. With the help of the IDB, he was finally able to create the “Museo Costumbrista Dehesa”.

Museum "Dehesa"

He wanted to describe foreigners and young people as his beautiful city. So he decided to write a book telling the anecdotes of Sucre: “To remember is to live”.